Ghosts - research, evidence, and discussion.




January 29, Sunday 3:00pm             Private residential cleansing rite, Leeburg, FL



February 11, Saturday 10:00pm       Private residential cleansing rite, Weeki Wache, FL.



February 17, Friday  10:00opm        Private residential investigation, Vero beach, FL



February 19, Sunday 2:00pm           Ghost Society meets, Orlando Public Library.

                                                          Open to the public. #101 East Central Blvd. Orlando FL 32801


February 25, Saturday 3:00pm         Private residential cleansing. Vero Beach, FL



March 19,  Sunday  2:00pm              Ghost Society meets, Orlando Public Library.

                                                          Open to the public. #101 East Central Blvd. Orlando FL 32801.



Note: the Ghost Society meeting for the month of April is cancelled due to the library not been available. The Society will resume it's regular meetings in the month of May. Thank you, Gizmo.


Special Presentation: The Beyond Investigators will meet the Ghost Society members at Shiloh Cemetery in Sanford for a night of investigation. Meeting will be at WaWa located at: 2090 West 25th Street Sanford FL 32771.


May 5,  Friday  9:00pm                        Private residential investigation, Orlando FL



May 21, Sunday 2:00pm                      Ghost Society meets at the Orlando Public Library



June 3, Saturday 9:00pm                     Sunland hospital area, Orlando.



June 18, Sunday 2:00pm                     Ghost Society meets. Orlando Public Library. 



June 23, Friday 8:30pm                       Private residential investigation, Orlando.







































































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